The 10 best luxury lifestyle websites and blogs

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Published: 19th September 2012
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If you enjoy indulging yourself in the finer things in life, then the following is a list of the best luxury lifestyle websites and blogs on the web. From discerning gentlemen, business tycoons and company CEOs, to upmarket shopaholic fashionistas; this compilation is for the bona fide aficionados of luxury.
As a self-professed jetsetter myself, I spend a great deal of time online, browsing everything from hotel & travel to fashion & style guides in order to plan my vacations and purchases. As such I believe my personal insight and recommendations should prove to be a great resource for you, saving you precious time and highlighting some of the most inspirational websites out there. The following websites are a hand-picked selection of the finest luxury websites the Net has to offer, featuring all the latest luxury news, products releases, services and trends in the affluent and high net worth circles. Expect connoisseur reviews of Michelin star restaurants, 5 star luxury hotels and compelling journalist content uncovering the very best of best in the world of luxury.

Pursuitist – The mission statement of Pursuitist? To go beyond bling to find and share the good things in life. Pursuitist certainly take their job seriously, showcasing the most frequent, reliable and refined luxury news. With categories ranging from Family, House and Epicurean to Travel, House and Style, the readership of Pursuitist is broad, but an experienced interest and knowledge of all things expensive and all things exclusive is a requirement.

CDClifestyle – For those whose hearts are rooted firmly in London, CDClifestyle is London’s definitive luxury London-based website. It’s greatest selling point? A handpicked daily selection of exclusive London luxury offerings, from restaurant launches and boutique openings to exclusive London parties. The member privileges the company offers in conjunction with some of the city’s best spas, hotels and clubs are also a big incentive to start reading this select website too.

Robb Report – This truly is a master amongst luxury resources. Easy-reading for the billionaire, the American-based Robb Report is specially designed for those to whom money is no object. Written elegantly and personally it only ever features the very best of the best, bringing the most current luxury stories together in one place.

JustLuxe – Perhaps the most comprehensive of luxury lifestyle guides, JustLuxe covers everything you could want to know about the luxury market. It’s a breath of fresh air from similar sites dominated by automobiles and watches. Instead, expect to find exquisite recipes such as Scallops with English Pea Puree and Lobster, and accompanying interviews with top chefs in the industry. JustLuxe is perhaps the perfect place for those who wish to bring luxury into their homes in the most decadent of ways.

Luxury-Design – Completely different from other publications, Luxury-Design presents its unique readership base of design aficionados with the most exclusive creations from around the world. With a focus on the most luxurious and beautifully designed objects available to marvel at, Luxury-Design allows you to see luxury produce in the most delicate of ways, and is best appreciated by those with a taste for real artistic and design precision. Even the website design is a thing of beauty. Every article is written with the finesse of a story, and the feature on a Hermes perfume is truly breathtaking.

Born Rich – Another home of luxury happenings, Born Rich has a specific agenda, and it gets straight to the point: the most expensive things money can but. Not only the most expensive objects does it feature, but it has also compiled its own ‘Rich Files’, a concise who’s who of A-Listers rolling in it. Elsewhere on the site, Born Rich prides itself on sniffing out the most expensive of the world’s offerings, thanks to its compelling ‘World’s Most Expensive’ section, including such gems as the world’s most expensive bra, vintage cars, faucets, sports memorabilia and even the world’s most expensive space memorabilia. Born Rich really isn’t designed for the faint hearted, aiming instead at those who aspire to gain something really great.

Business Insider – As the title would suggest, this is a place strictly for the businessman. The main page may seem like an extension of the working day, but skip to the ‘Life’ section of this banking-infused website and you’re rewarded with the most decadent of world news. The publication has a particular focus on luxury happenings and news abroad for the man whose work takes him across the globe, including such ingenious features as ‘Cheaters Pick Their Favourite New York City Hotels For An Affair’. If that doesn’t suck you in, I don’t know what will.

Elite Choice – Elite Choice is a highbrow publication, priding itself on showcasing not only the best of the best such as exquisite Beverley Hills villas and the world’s most expensive tequila, but also entrepreneur interviews and billionaire profiles. Designed for true admirers of business’ most successful men and those with an appreciation of real high quality luxury, it takes itself seriously, but that’s what makes it so good.

JamesList – With a focus on yachts, sailboats, watches, cars, jets and helicopters, the JamesList blog is very much a luxury boys toys destination. This doesn’t mean it’s open to everyone, though. For those with a passionate interest in their hobbies, the website serves as an insiders knowledgeable guide as to how to get the most out of your most self-indulgent hobbies, hence the jam-packed, informative looking website. The blog has a built in dealers tab, recommending dealers for cars and motorcycles, watches and real estate agents, as well as yacht brokers. The blog also has the option for professional dealers and private sellers to reach affluent buyers around the world. JamesList really is the world’s luxury marketplace.

How To Spend It – The website in league with the Financial Times’ award-winning luxury lifestyle magazine, How To Spend It is the pinnacle of elegant spending. In a league above its competitors, the publication caters for financiers worldwide, How To Spend It provides the perfect balance of interviews and profiles of the world’s most successful businessmen with the most high end products on the market and luxury lifestyle news, and does so with the finesse and experience that only the Financial Times knows how.

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